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Related Journals
For Reviewers

"Aquaculture Studies" is a journal cited in international scientific indexes, so both the referees, the editors and the authors should have the responsibility of this fact and it is expected to see the papers aiming to solve scientific problems. Scientificly, the quality of the works are more important than volume of the paper.

We would greatly appreciate it if the reviewers could review the paper and make any corrections or comments with special attention to the items listed below:

  • Newness, currency and originality of the manuscript: Is the paper suitable for publication? If not, why?
  • Is the text properly constructed? Is the writing clear, concise, and cogent?
  • Is the metodology straight and valid?
  • Is the discussion section written in a credible manner and powerfull?
  • Are the tables and figures properly constructed?
  • Success in pursuing, selecting and presentation of  references: Would you suggest any other references in addition to those cited in the paper?

We appreciate to reviewers' help very much.